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Aaron B
Please do not send your children to KinderCare.

1) I cannot count the number of times there was inadequate teacher to infant ratio. I mean this in the legal sense. I have noted, on too many occasions to count, 8 children to 1 teacher. I have counted 12 children to 2 teachers. The state regulation is 3 babies to one teacher. This is the corporation trying to keep wages down - the well-being of children at KinderCare is a means to profit, and not the end. These rooms are chaotic, and our baby would not nap. When we had to pull him out for being sick (see cleanliness section) we were asked to let them know when he wouldn't be in so they could "maintain ratios". They never asked about his well-being, but rather they wanted to know when they could cut staff. The teachers are overwhelmed and underpaid - so even those who do really care about the kids cannot actually take good care of them. The way the classrooms are set up are about keeping the minimal number of teachers on, rather than assuring quality care. If you visit, you'll notice the infant and toddler rooms are separated by a gate and are not separate rooms. They do this to always have the minimum number of teachers on. It creates a loud and chaotic environment for the babies. The toddlers were ALWAYS in their high chairs. Only once in four months did I see them out and having story time.

2) There are also teachers who should not be working with children. We pulled our 6-month-old before we planned because of an abusive teacher. This is being processed by the state. There is so much to say here, but we simply cannot trust any of the teachers because of this incident, even the ones we thought really cared for our baby. They were either too overwhelmed to notice the abuse, or looked the other way while it was happening. This is systemic and not tied only to our case. Do a google search.

3) The center has been mis-managed for as long as we have been involved. The director left just before we started, a new director was put in place, and she left several weeks before our abuse incident. I was told this director left because they were not a good fit, to me that is a management issue from the regional director. Knowing what I know now, this second director got out before they sunk her ship. They had an intern-director who came from another center. She may go back or become the full-time director. 3 or 4 directors in 4 months. This is indicative of poor management, at the local and regional levels. I can only imagine what it is like at the corporate level.

4) The facilities are not clean. My wife had a flower in her hair, which fell out. We used it to track how long it had been since the stairs were swept. It was on the floor for more than two weeks. Our baby got sick the second week he was there - I understand kids get sick - but he was sick for 7 weeks straight with bug after bug after bug. It culminated in two rounds of amoxicillin and broncholiths. He would beat one and immediately get the next. Luckily, he did not get the GI virus that was going around as well. After speaking with the interim director, she told me that they do not have a cleaning crew. All cleaning is done by the teachers. Meaning they take teachers out of classrooms to clean (when they do clean). Because they don't have a cleaning crew, and there are simply not enough teachers, they do not have the time to assure cleanliness in the classrooms, let alone the facilities. I am certain our baby got so sick at KinderCare because they did not clean the surfaces in the classroom. In additional there is a subtle but present aroma of waste in the lower level. In our first 8 weeks my wife and I had to take more than 10 days of personal time off of work to keep our baby home. We still had to pay for these days.

5) These issues are not related to one bad decision, or one poorly trained teacher. When I aired all these issues with the interim-director she told me she had come from another metro west location that had all the same issues. If you do a google search you will see reports of these issues at KinderCare's all over the country. No matter how good an individual teacher might be, it is systematically impossible for them to provide good care. The corporation tries to cut staff and keeps wages low, meaning their teachers are underpaid, overwhelmed, poorly trained, and under-qualified. The regional management is unable or unwilling to do anything about it and make poor hiring choices. I firmly believe that the well-being of the children is secondary to the profits of the corporation.

I know I am not the only parent who experienced this. I spoke with other parents who were pulling out their children for the same reasons.
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