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6:00AM - 6:30PM
6:00AM - 6:30PM
6:00AM - 6:30PM
6:00AM - 6:30PM
6:00AM - 6:30PM
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  • Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K)
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  • Summer care / camp
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Toni T
What I experienced.
From the beginning I explained my son has a behavior issue that I was going to meet with a therapist about in the future which we now have set up and were told they will work hand and hand but the daycare haven't even allowed enough time to do so it only took four weeks to start the therapy sessions anyway I stated that he can be to much and over the top at times because he's so energetic eager to talk and act without thinking and beyond smart for his age. Ms. Amber assured me repeatedly not to worry, saying that "he would be fine they wouldn't kick him out she couldn't kick him out even if she wanted to" and that "they have staff specialized in that area to help my son". We are now months later, at the point where they are doing a behavior plan for my son and if he is hitting running out of class amongst other things he will immediately have to be picked up. He's four by the way. This causes me to have to leave work or miss out on work for that particular day. They assured me that they had ordered materials to redirect my sons behavior. However when I get reports it says incident report. What my child did that was wrong and usually "redirection". It rarely stated what he was redirected to they didn't give me details enough to help them help my son even after a couple of meetings with the director, who agreed with everything Ms. Amber said and both of which had no reaction after being corrected by myself along with Ms.Alyssa's input of correction. From Ms. Amber I experienced a quick temper pattern not allowing me as the parent to address my concerns or ask the questions I felt needed to be asked. I would be cut off and talked over. Over and over again. The staff have told me that's the type of person she is nobody likes her but they have to deal with her. I've experienced her yelling at other children. Not being firm and polite But instead spseaking with aggression and in a kind of threatening tone. With missing work, falling behind on bills, from having to pick my son up so often due to the bavioral plan put in place and then dealing with miscommunication and errors made by the higher up staff there, it's been to much to also NOT be heard and talked to with respect is icing on the cake. My son is overly energetic at four he can read spell do simple math and more he's curious he's testing he's a four year old I'm willing to bet if they can't deal with him it's probably going to be difficult to deal with a lot of other four year old boys. Not sure why the doors are not child proof especially the exiting the doors to outside. There's been other children with problems I can't say what they're doing about them but one has choked my son I always get reports about this child harming my son. My son has stated he's afraid of this child and that he doesn't want to come to daycare because of this child which could be why he's acting out also but no one had answers for me about correcting the other child's behavior with my son or other kids for that matter. What I did get was he'll be moving up soon because he's older now. The ratios are often off when I come in. My daughters diaper is usually full when I come in I've talked to someone three times about it. Your babies are your most prized possessions it's not easy leaving them. It's hard to imagine them not having safe, carefree, worry free, stress free days they're babies! I would not even give this place one star. I can't say one good thing about them. Maybe that the parking Is convenient. When I drop my kids off I have to get to work I don't have time to settle them in but I always am I have to give myself time to settle them in because they don't take initiative to take over one I drop them off. Over all it hasn't been a good experience for me and my family. I pay for child care So I can work and I haven't been able to work lately I cant even ask a question or be heard if I knew then what I know now about this particular facility and the staff I would have by passed them and saved myself the unnecessary added stress that me and my family has endured.
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