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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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Ratings & Reviews

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Serena H
I'm compelled to write this review because I am a parent of two kiddos that are currently in Childtime. My eldest is 3.5 and my youngest is 13 months. Both joined Childtime at 4mo old.

I've come to realized that childcare is about the teacher, the child and the parent. I have found Childtime work for our family. With both children, we had different directors there and similar staff.

Things I like:
* Diversity - we maybe in redmond and close to microsoft campus, but this is a diverse group. The staff is diverse the kids and their parents are diverse.
* In the infant room, my eldest had a really hard time napping. I expected them to simply cry-it-out. But to my surprise, I've walked in with them holding her in a rocking chair so she could nap, or putting her in a rocker (they have a no rocker policy) to help transition.
* In the toddler rooms (there are 2), i was surprised to find parent-teacher meetings covering where they are with their milestones. I wasn't expecting them to track that.
* Staff have creative projects with the kids - and it really seems like it's driven by the teacher and not a "playbook". Ex. asking parents to bring milk jugs in to build a life-size igloo.
* Precioustatus integration to check on status and activities and pictures of the kids - I didn't think I was going to be a fan, but I am.
* Not from a single teacher, I have ever sensed that their care for my children is not genuine, even when we are the first person to leave them at the school and the last ones to take them home.
* The staff works like a family - covering for each other, filling in where you need. This is the reason why sometimes when you are 'touring', you don't find the director in the front room. She is in the infant room, holding my screaming baby #2 because she had left her staff run home because of an emergency. This is not a place where there is extra hands sitting around.
* In the Preschool room, the emphasis is on manners, respect and creativity. There is a show-and-tell which my daughter loves, learning to story-tell, confidence building and sharing their toys.

Things that throw people off:
* It is in the middle of an apartment complex - i don't know why that's weird but it does throw people off. It's like having Bright Horizon in the 3rd floor of a downtown condo. But for some reason, it's different.
* It's tiny and feels small - I grew up in Hong Kong, so not a problem for me.
* Infant room did not have a dark area for babies to sleep - It didn't occur to me that's an issue until another parent brought it up. Mine didn't seem bothered with it and both of mine sleep through the night before 1.
* OK so toys are not brand new - in fact some of the families donated them. But they are cleaned.
* Never had an issue about them not feeding my children. Occasionally they feed her one less bottle. But to me that's ok it's all about their behavior.

Things I don't like but not enough to leave
* Food - it's not organic and natural. There are canned foods served. But I didn't grow up doing that so it'd always been somewhat hard to justify why my kids suddenly needs them. Judge me.
* Less outdoor space - I wish there was more outdoor activities, nature-based learnings. I don't have one on route to work so this works for my family
* Yes my kids got sick - transition for baby room to toddler room was hard. We had to figure out how to balance work schedules and being off to watch our kids.

So now the last part I'll leave for things like curriculum. My daughter is 3.5 and so far I can tell they learn about rhyming words, letters, numbers, syllables, feelings, mixing colors and time.
There is a computer in the room that she can do computer activities. While I implement a no-screen time at home, I love that she is using technology. I can't tell you if I think she is advanced or not. I just know she communicates her thoughts clearly, figures out how to calm herself down, on good days willing to share and care for her baby sister. She is not much of a picky eater.

There are extra activities you can join: soccer and dance. Mine attended both and loves them.
Meredith R
After only three days, we pulled our 8 month old son out of care at Child Time.

From the first day, there were red flags. Our first day, we hadn't been given instructions on opening the locked front door. There were no teachers in the infant room, and the director was not on site. This was about 8:30 in the morning and the school opens at 6:30. We were scheduled to arrive at 8. The director eventually arrived, and in about 15 minutes one of the infant teachers finally arrived. That afternoon, when I picked up my son, he was tired and crying from not napping much all day (I expected this on his first day). There were five children in the infant room, and only one teacher and the director. The teacher was working on the computer while the children were left to their own devices. One had spit up on her chin, another was crying with a very runny nose.

The next day, when my husband dropped him off, the child with the runny nose was running a fever and they were calling her parents to pick her up. That's fine, although I did notice she was sick the day before, while they said she was fine that morning. That day and the day before my son only received two bottles when we had sent more. He got 12 oz of milk each day, when he normally eats 18-22 oz. When I picked him up, he was sitting alone in the center of the room, crying. They said he'd had a rough day and was probably teething. In the last month he's gotten five new teeth and hardly cried a bit.

The third day, at drop off my husband asked that he be fed three bottles that day. They assured him that he would.

I picked him up that afternoon, and he had only been fed one bottle all day long. Every baby there was screaming and crying, including our son. I heard him crying when I opened the door, but the girl looked surprised when I came, and she looked over and he was crying. She said he was just doing it because I was there. When I pointed out he'd only been fed one bottle all day, she was confused, and said he'd seemed fine without it. She was a different girl than the one my husband had spoken to this morning, and his request had not been passed along. I'd sent him fruit and toast for lunch, and they only fed him the bread. She hadn't noticed the fruit in the bag. Also, when we got home we noticed the other 12 oz of breast milk we'd sent with him had not been refrigerated and was spoiled. To top it off, he was also now sick! He ran a fever and a runny nose all weekend.

In my opinion, this is criminal neglect, and you should run from Childtime.
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