Chesterbrook Academy Preschool

2487 McNair Farms Dr
Herndon, VA 20171

Chesterbrook Academy Preschool

2487 McNair Farms Dr, Herndon, VA 20171
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6:30AM - 6:30PM
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  • Summer care / camp
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Elizabeth M
My son started attending Chesterbrook when he was almost 3. Since he was almost 3 and could speak well and was potty trained we agreed to place him in the intermediate class. He had some trouble adjusting since he was used to one-on-one interaction from a nanny up until then. After speaking with the principle and teachers we came up with plans to help his adjustment. It took a while but he thrived. He is now in the Pre-K1 class and does very well. The teachers have been there a long time and seem to like what they do. They now use an online reporting and updating system so we can see pictures and get reports of what our son is doing every day. They have lots of themed days and special ancillary activities as well. I can't speak to the younger classes but I think for the older kids this is a great option.
I didn't do the research I should have, and that's on me, but my experience with this school and principal has been a mess.
My daughter started the school at 10 weeks of age. In their three weeks of care I noticed a marked decline in my daughters developmental and social skills. All but two days when I picked her up, my daughter was in the bouncy seat or (once) the crib. Her last two days, she was completely alone on one side of the room in a damn bouncy seat. I tried to reason with myself that it was a busy time of day, but the growing bald spot on the back of her head indicated this was more then an occasional location for her.

By the end of week two, my daughter stopped looking at me in the face when I picked her up at the end of the day - she wouldn't look above my chest until I held her above my head so she could see my face. That was heartbreaking. She is a very social child and loves interacting - I concluded that she wasn't getting much face-to-face interaction either. I was just another body moving her from one place to the next. When she started at CBA, she was cooing and chattering, by week two, she'd stopped. Her daily reports showed two 5 -minute tummy times, if she was lucky- more then a few days, she didn't get any. At no point did she receive the mandated 30 minutes per day.

On varying days when I picked her up:
-The neck of her shirt was soaked where she'd been fed in the assembly line of boppies.
-Her upper lip crusty with dried snot.
-Her chin covered with dried formula.

I saw other babies crying and noticed the staff was often slow to respond. At one point, I offered to change my daughters diaper (was in progress when I arrived and was one of the two non-bouncy seat/crib times) so the staff could attend to a little girl crying on the floor. I was told, no - that girl was just being a spoiled brat and just wanted all of the staffer's attention.
Another time, another baby was fussing in the swing. After a while, the staff noticed me eyeing the child as I packed up my daughter. She picked her up for ~ 30 seconds then simply moved her to a different "sit and play by yourself" toy. Sometimes, babies just need to be cuddled. I never saw that with the exception of one morning staffer.

Like any mother, I want my child to not only have her physical needs met, but her developmental and social needs to be satisfied too. I understand being busy - I think that is part of the problem, but it seemed like they did everything they could to avoid holding the babies.

The other issue is the age range they have in a single room. My daughter isn't mobile - but they had her in a room with children who are advanced walkers. - who, I should share, were eerily silent and looked incredibly bored. The range is too extreme - that first 1.5 years of life have such differing needs at their various stages.

So, after three weeks, I found alternate care. I gave a week's notice, (not the 4 weeks required by the agreement). I figured I'd kiss my deposit goodbye but that was well worth it for my daughter.
The principal asked me why I withdrew and said I owed them the balance for the 4 weeks. I double checked my paperwork and couldn't find a reference to that being the penalty for short notice, in fact, I could t find verbiage for any penalty. I asked the principal to point out where it said that - she referenced the 4 week notice requirement that makes no reference to a penalty. That's entrapment. I wouldn't have signed it if it had indicated the balance of 4 weeks was due and I can't allow my daughter to be neglected for another two weeks.

She never apologized and actually inferred that my dissatisfaction was my fault as I didn't speak with her or bring it up to the staff. My thought - "I shouldn't have to." My issues are basic care issues - if I have to fight to get her that, then you shouldn't be her caregiver.

So, she's just sent me a past due invoice for last week and I expect I'll get another one for next week.

I looked up what I could about the company and am writing the CEO and several of the corporate leaders. I did find an interesting tidbit; the Principal receives a bonus for the success of the school. I can only guess that that's why the collection of this 2 weeks of tuition for unprovided, substandard care is so important to her.

I'm happy to say that after 1 week of the alternate care, my daughter is back to her happy, social self and is starting to coo again. She even discovered her feet the other day. :-)

As one mother to the next, I can only offer this; Always listen to your instincts.
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