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YING WANG, 24 years old, from China
Dear Au Pair Family: Hello! I am Wang Ying, you can call me Kathleen. I graduated from college last July. I have been doing work related to tutoring children in the past year. I am mainly responsible for guiding the child to write homework, picking up children to go to school, etc. So I am ...
Interests and Hobbies: Baseball,Basketball,Boating,Camping,Cycling,Dance,Hiking,Horse Riding,Golf,Gymnastics,Skating,Snow Skiing,Soccer,Swimming,Tennis,Water Skiing,Choir,Drama,Dining Out,entertaining,ArtsAndCrafts,Going To Concerts,Going To Sports,Volunteer Work,Cooking Baking,Gardening,Listening To Music,Photography,Reading,Shopping,Socializing With Friends,Traveling,Writing,Guitar,Piano Keyboard,Violin
Profile Details
  • Female
  • 24 Years Old
  • Non Infant Qualified (Qualified to care for children age 2 and older)
  • Drivers License Year - 2017
Additional Details
  • Available Through: GreatAuPairUSA (265042)
Available Until
  • Earliest Start:November 25, 2019
  • Available Through:August 8, 2020