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Find an ideal Akron au pair from countries like Germany, Columbia, Brazil, Austria, Mexico, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Argentina, or Finland to provide live-in child care and a cultural exchange experience.

Au pairs serve all Akron communities, including: .

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26 years old
Non Infant Qualified
Driver License Year: 2013
Special Needs Care Provider (Special Needs qualified) with over 5000 hours of childcare experience - YTo3OntzOjQyOiJXaGF0cHJvZmVzc2lvbmRpZHlvdWNob29zZWFuZHdoeWRpZHlvdWRvc28iO3M6NDg5OiJJIGNob29zZSB0aGUgcHJvZmVzc2lvbiBhcyBhbiBzcGVjaWFsIG5lZWRzIGNhcmUgcHJvdmlkZXIgYmVjYXVzZSBpIGdyb... More>
Date Available: Jul 1, 2020
23 years old
Infant Qualified
Driver License Year: 2015
Pre-School & Kindergarten Teacher (Infant Care qualified) with over 2000 hours of childcare experience - YTo3OntzOjQyOiJXaGF0cHJvZmVzc2lvbmRpZHlvdWNob29zZWFuZHdoeWRpZHlvdWRvc28iO3M6NzIyOiJJIHdvcmsgYXMgYW4gZWR1Y2F0b3IgaW4gdGhlIE1vbnRlc3Nvcmkgc2Nob29sLiBIZXJlIHRoZXkgd29yayBhY2Nvc... More>
Date Available: Sep 1, 2020
24 years old
Non Infant Qualified
Driver License Year: 2017
Hello, My name is Jinming Hou, English name is Ivy, I'm 23 years old. I'm from China(Mandarin speaker), living Hainan province now. I just graduated from SanYa University, it's in Hainan island, the south of China, a beautiful city, I really love there. I majored... More>
Interests and Hobbies: Camping,Cycling,Dance,Hiking,Running,Skating,Swimming,Tennis,Choir,Dining Out,ArtsAndCrafts,Cooking Baking,Listening To Music,Photography,Reading,Shop... More>
Date Available: Apr 21, 2020
Available Until: Dec 31, 2020
20 years old
Non Infant Qualified
Driver License Year: 2017
Hey, my dear future host family! Here we go again: I hope, you familiar with my name yet..., but if not, I'm Irina. I'm studying in two different universities two completely different majors: first � international relations, second � Teacher education mixed with... More>
Interests and Hobbies: Camping,Cycling,Dance,Running,Drama,Dining Out,entertaining,ArtsAndCrafts,Going To Concerts,Going To Sports,Volunteer Work,Listening To Music,Photogra... More>
Date Available: Apr 1, 2020
Available Until: Jun 1, 2020