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24333 Southfield RD Suite 109, PO Box 233, Southfield, MI

I am a graduate of Oakland University and a Registered Nurse with over 3 years of experience working in fast paced health care environments. I am chap accredited, which means home health care agencies pay me to help them become compliant with higher standards of service and operation. I have worked for hospitals, psychiatric facilities, Nursing Homes and Home health care agencies as a competent and loving Nurse. I am a member of the Rotary club because I appreciate service and am a proud child of God, who I believe has put me on a path to make a difference in the lives of others.

After reading this, you may be asking why is a Registered Nurse, who could easily make more money working overtime for hospitals, helping people at home during her free time for less?

The answer to that question is near and dear to my heart. GFirst, A severe car accident during Nursing school left me disabled for 2 years. Because nerve damage made movement and lifting difficult, I relied on the help of others to get things done around the house. This gave me my initial appreciation for the home care field. Also, Once I began working for hospitals, the environment was fast paced and exciting, but also incredibly detached. In a hospital setting, Nurses take care of so many people at one time, that there isn't time to develop a personal relationship. I wanted a way to help people without breaking their wallets and in a way that allowed me to really get to know them and feel emotionally invested in their well being. In short, I wanted the meaningful care-taking experience I imagined nursing to be when I was a little girl. Finally, I noticed the increasing trend of Seniors and people with disabilities being rushed to the hospital for preventable circumstances. I am a big advocate for prevention, and determined that if these cases had someone helping them at home, their amount of falls, infections, poor nutrition and accidents would decrease.

So I drew inspiration from my extensive network of health care professionals, including Nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, assisted living facility social workers, and home health care agency owners, to reach out and help these at risk populations using the skills I learned throughout my career. Even better, I'm able to do this for a more affordable price while still maintaining insurance and the other systems that keep your loved one safe.
Older age, mobility challenges, Alzheimer's and dementia, disability - cleaning, transportation, wound Care.
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