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The Woods At Home

1401 Macon Road, Griffin, GA

Do you really know who you are bringing into your home to care for your loved one? Have you done a background check? Can you do regular drug screenings? Are they red cross and CPR certified and is it current? Is their state training up to date? Do you have a current MVR? Is their vehicle fully insured? Do they have medical insurance and will you be providing Workman's Comp through your homeowners should they get injured in your home? Do you have a backup plan should your caregiver call in or just doesn't show up? Are you ready to handle the 1099's and tax reporting?

Hummmm... a lot to think about? Yes it is! Here at The Woods At Home, we do think about such things and we take care of all of them for you! Our Assisted Living Home is considered one of the nicest in the southern region and our group of certified and trained "At Home" caregivers are considered the best of the best! During our interview and hiring process, we dot our I's and cross every T. We leave NO stone unturned. Our priority goal is to lift spirits by giving you back your independence and allowing your loved one to retain theirs, while receiving the best of care! That is what you're looking for right??

"At Home" Services included in our price; caregiving, grooming, championship, housekeeping, meal prep, errands, doctor visits, monitoring of medications, and social activities.

"At Home" Elderly Care includes; Aging, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Disabled
"At Home" Child Care includes; Special Needs, Afterschool, Summer, Weekend or Date Night, or Temporary Vacation Care.

All services are available short term, long term or 24/7 live in. No contracts! Call for a free no-obligation, sit down or phone consultation, to see why we are the answer to your prayers!
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