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Taylore E.|Blairsville, GA

$10-15/hr 3 yrs exp 28 yrs old

Full Time Nanny

I have had three plus years experience caring for children. I have cared for children ranging in ages from 0 months to 12 years of age. I have experience caring for children with special needs as well as multiples. I was a nanny for three children for over two years and maintained their home as well while I lived with the children as their parents worked out of town. I have firm beliefs that children need to be engaged and played with as much as possible to stimulate and motivate them. I much prefer taking the children I care for outside or to activities such as the park, putt putt, or simply just a walk as compared to just turning the television on. I do not use the television as a babysitter so to speak. I have years of experience helping children with their school work and simple household chores. I enjoy cooking and cleaning to an extent so some simple meal preparation and/or light housework is no problem. I look forward to making new friend through my work relationships here in Fayetteville NC. I am always cheerful and do everything in my power to bring honor and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with everything that I do. I do apply my personal faith and beliefs to my work ethics and my personal attitude and daily walk in life; however, I will not push my beliefs on anyone and will only offer my thoughts should it be asked. I work hand in hand with parents and do their job while they are not present so my job is entirely to reinforce what is being taught in the home by the parents. I can guarantee that I am a joy to be around and my personal belief is that raising of the voice is never necessary unless to stop danger in the heat of the moment. I speak with a low, calm, and sweet voice at all times (except of course when we are playing and getting excited). Because of my personal beliefs and to protect my testimony to others, I prefer not to work in a home where alcohol and cigarettes are present during my working hours. I also will not work in a home where there is a single (unmarried) gentleman present during my working hours. As my references can tell you, I am a joy to be around and I do everything to ensure that children are always safe, cared for, and having fun. I am positive that any children I have cared for would say that they had so much fun and that they loved me. I am also a mom to a 4-month-old daughter whom I bring with me to work. She is a very disciplined baby in that she does not require much and has never gotten in the way of my care for others children and never will. My husband works so she is always with me and I do what I can with her to make ends meet. I also have my CNA license which qualifies me as medically trained as well as my CPR and First Aid Certifications.
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Lindsey A.|Blairsville, GA

$10-25/hr 7 yrs exp 34 yrs old

My name is Lindsey and I am 24 years old and currently a student. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and am extremely passionate about children and their ability to learn. I have been providing care for children for over 10 years, through babysitting, working in a daycare and by being a nanny. While working at a daycare, I was able to work with a broad range of age groups. I began by working in a 3-year-old classroom and requested to work in each room to experience every age group. I eventually began working in the infant room, which I must say was my favorite. The experience that I gained from working in a daycare was priceless. We were constantly taking educational classes on topics such as children's emotional needs, the importance of providing a child with self-esteem, different tactics that allow children to grow intellectually and of course First aid and CPR. I also gained certification as a lifeguard, which is what I did in the summers at the daycare for the children's swim lessons. I enjoyed my time there very much, however I was contacted in my fifth year of working at the daycare with the chance to be a nanny for a family who had two little girls, ages 6 and 6 weeks. I promptly accepted and enjoyed getting to know the children and the family very much. I am quite accustomed to running errands, play dates, assisting with light housekeeping, taking children to doctor's appointments, and taking children on numerous outings such as to parks and the library. Although I am in school, I want to stress that I do not let this interfere with my being a nanny. I schedule all classes in the evenings and allot plenty of study time for myself on the weekends. When it comes to being a nanny, the child takes top priority in every aspect. I understand how extremely important taking care of a child is, I believe that I read somewhere that from birth up to the age of 12 months their brain almost triples in size, growing at a rate of 175. That is not something to take lightly. I understand how important it is to engage and stimulate a child's mind with one-on-one interaction through reading, going for walks, playing, doing crafts and going on fun outings that allow a child, young or old, with different life experiences. I also understand the delicate state of a child's self-esteem, even from a very young age. It is so important to praise a child and make them feel important. It's also crucial to grasp the fact that children mimic their adult caregiver's behavior. We are their first role-models and should maintain a behavior that is worth imitating. I also want to add that although being a nanny is a job, it is so much more than that for me. I am a reliable, energetic, outgoing, trustworthy and compassionate person. I absolutely love children and could not imagine having a job that did not involve them, that being said I hope to find the opportunity to continue caring for children.
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