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Kaylee M.|Athens, TN

$10-15/hr 5 yrs exp 24 yrs old

Shine The Light

I'm about to start my junior year in college and hopefully will finish soon with a degree in Social Work! Recently moved to Chattanooga, and I would love to help you with your little ones! I'm known as the "Kid Whisperer." Strange! However, they say that because kids just cling to me. My title says "This Little Light of Mine," because I honestly believe the light of Christ shines through me to children. I grew up babysitting siblings and cousins, then when I became older I started babysitting other people's kids. I used to watch twins when they were 6- 9-months-old for 8 hours straight by myself, and that takes a lot of work, especially for a young lady like myself. Not only do I have experience with twins, but also newborn triplets! Whom I had by myself for 72 hours once. Talk about work! I also used be a nanny to three children last fall during college and I would pick them up from school, supervise them, play games, trips to the park, etc. and I would do light cleaning for their mother, even if she did not ask, I thought it would be considerate. (Or maybe my OCD got the best of me sometimes.) I have most of my experience working with 60+ kids everyday when I was a counselor at the YMCA Childcare in my hometown. I was responsible for every move they made, for keeping them safe, making sure they had their homework and other priority duties done before play time. It made me feel like a little mom. I dealt with kids there in all different age groups, and I have experience with children with special needs through the YMCA. I am also huge in the children and youth ministries at my church, and honestly, kids just make my life complete. Children are the most important people in the world and the way you instruct them and teach them about life, will be their foundation for years to come, and you can never go wrong with a great foundation; that's how you continue to grow and build character and morals. I believe I am great at this job because I know how important it is to let young ones know that someone cares and someone is there to help, listen, love, and encourage anyway they can. I can shine the light of Christ into your children's heart, and I believe that, because I know God uses people in that way, and it takes special people to win over hearts, especially children's, and that's why I believe I am fit for the job.
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