How to Make a Gandalf the Grey Costume
As part of the Halloween costume series, turn your child into the great, grey wizard from Lord of the Rings.
Sara Eberle, Contributor
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gandalf costume


  • White long haired wig,
  • Spider web material for beard and mustache
  • Gray sweat shirt and sweat pants
  • Oversized grey bathrobe, belted
  • Blanket or cape (optional)
  • Long rope or canvas belt for sash
  • Black shoes or sandals
  • Wizard hat (or witch hat spray painted with grey paint)
  • Satchel or cloth bag with long strap
  • 5 foot long stick from backyard as walking staff

Step 1: Put on sweat shirt and pants. Put on bathrobe (without tie) or drape blanket or cape over shoulders and knot around the neck. Tie rope or canvas belt around waste. Put on black shoes or sandals.

Step 2: Make wizard hat by spray painting witch hat grey. Let dry.

Step 3: Put long, straight grey wig on head. Cover side of the face with beard material Add fake mustache.

Step 4: Place satchel or cloth bag over one shoulder. Grab magic walking staff and hit the neighborhood.

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