Interview Series: Daddy Survival 101
5 tips for making the most out of fatherhood.
Morgan Burke, Contributor
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daughter holding balloons on fathers back

Late night feedings, sleepless nights and diaper mishaps aren't just part of mom's world -- they are part of dad's too. As a recent survey shows, 77% of women say their partner participates in childrearing. And the daddy blog-osphere is buzzing with this evolvement in parenting. talked to five of our favorite dad bloggers about what fatherhood is really like -- and how dads everywhere can learn from their mistakes, ahem, experiences. From stay-at-home dads to working dads to everything in between, these bloggers gave us plenty of new perspective into the inner psyche of fathers everywhere. Check out these daddy survival tips and for tips they've likely learned the hard way.

  1. Don't solve their problems for them. "It's often tempting to jump in and do their homework or resolve a problem for them. I usually succeed at allowing them to have the experiences and learn from them without me solving it for them." - Troy Pattee, Dadventurous

    Find out why socks are the best Father's Day gift and why Troy's kids never seem to know when he is working or not »

  2. Always bring the diaper bag. "The day you say to yourself, 'I don't need the diaper bag, we will only be gone 20 minutes,' is the day your child has a massive blowout in the checkout line at the grocery store causing you to drive home with a naked baby and poop on your shirt." - Russ Jones,The Stay at Homer

    See why Russ thinks that parents who "sleep well" are liars »

  3. Embrace the chaos. "Pay attention, be flexible and remember that it will all be over before you know it, so whatever you do, don't miss a moment if you can. Nothing else you do in your life is going to come close to this.'" - Robert Rummel-Hudson, Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

    See how Robert's daughter makes even a trip the grocery store an adventure »

  4. It's okay to ask for help. "Don't try to do it all yourself. Hang in there, you're doing fine. And don't feel the need to rush a dirty diaper off. Your baby might not be done." - David Vienna,The Daddy Complex

    See why David relates fatherhood to military boot camp and how dads are not just clueless boobs »

  5. Be a team. "Make your relationship with your wife the most important thing. Kids feel more secure when they know that their parents love each other." - Frederick Goodall, Mocha Dad

    Learn why Frederick says there is no Daddy Doghouse in his backyard »

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