41 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Celebrate February 14th with these simple kid-friendly craft ideas.
Jessica Retrum, Contributor
Articles> 41 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids
easy valentine's crafts for kids

The holiday season passed by much too quickly and now you find yourself left with cold weather and restless children. Luckily, Valentine's Day is almost here -- which means plenty of amazing crafts and recipes that are sure to keep kids occupied and warm inside!

We picked 41 of our favorite simple and fun ideas that are great for kids of all ages. These projects are perfect for after-school activities with a nanny or babysitter or with mommy and daddy during these chilly winter weekends!

And don't forget about the actual valentines. Check out our article on 10 Easy and Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Cards.

  1. Magazine Mosaic Heart
    We love that this project is fun (and easy) for kids ages two to eight. All you need is a few old magazines, construction paper, scissors and glue to create a decoration you'll keep up long after Valentine's Day.

  2. Stuffed Huggable Hearthuggable heart
    Nannies, this craft is a great way to teach kids to recycle. It also gives them an adorable stuffed heart they can squeeze when mommy and daddy aren't around.

  3. Picture Perfect Garland
    Spice up a boring heart garland by adding pictures of the family. Photocopy the pictures and add them to the garland. To make it extra special, let the kids help you find old pictures of them to use. They'll love seeing how much they've grown since their first Valentine's Day.

  4. Homemade Play Dough Valentines
    What's better than playing with Play-Doh for hours? Making your own! This project is ideal for young boys and girls and makes for a cute gift too.

  5. Heart Barrettes
    Try this simple sewing project. In just one night, you and your little girl can make countless barrettes for her and her friends. Who knows, you may even find yourself slipping one into your hair before date night.

  6. Cupcake Liner Flowers
    Toddlers can even join in on making flowers for mommy with this easy craft made from cupcake liners.

  7. Heart-Shaped Fruit Popfruit valentine 
    Valentine's Day can be just as bad as Halloween in terms of sugary sweets. Parents and babysitters can try this fruit pop substitute to pack for your kid's lunch on the special day.

  8. Owl Treat Bags
    With some hole punches and some creativity, kids of all ages can make these cute owl-shaped holders to transport all their cards and candies to and from school.

  9. Handprint Hearts
    Kids grow up way too fast. All you need is a little red paint, some white paper and a frame to make these handprint hearts last forever.

  10. Marshmallow Pops
    Everyone loves cake pops, but this alternative avoids all the mess and is just as yummy. Let the kids decorate with their favorite toppings like coconut and pink chocolate (just add food coloring!)

  11. Crayon & Wax Window Decoration
    All you need is wax paper and crayons to make these hearts that will warm up the whole house. Hang them by the window for the best effect.

  12. Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stampstoilet paper roll valentine
    Even your littlest ones will appreciate this heart stamp and it's a nice way for you to use up all your old toilet paper rolls too.


  13. Egg Carton Valentine
    Wow, who knew there were so many egg-cellent ways to recycle? Make this decoration in no time at all and frame it for an extra special touch.

  14. Fingerprint Frames
    It may be a struggle to get that little one in the bath, but nannies take note. This fun finger-painting craft will leave the kids with no choice but to wash up after. And it's such a cute gift for mom or dad.

  15. Crayon Heart Pencil Toppers
    Forget the lollipops and top your kids' pencils with heart-shaped crayons this Valentine's Day. This project may take some time, but it's a great indoor activity for babysitters to do with the kids on a cold day.

  16. Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts
    We're sure you've tried to make a variation of tissue paper stained glass with your kids before...and wound up with glue on everything but the project. This DIY version leaves out the gluey, sticky mess entirely and still allows little ones to be as creative as possible.

  17. Paper Conversation Heart Wreath
    This "very easy" construction paper wreath is great for kids five and up. Brainstorm conversation heart phrases that remind them of their family and friends.

  18. Strawberry Love Bugsstrawberry valentine
    What's better than chocolate-covered strawberries on Valentine's Day? Chocolate-covered strawberries decorated as adorable ladybugs! These critters are almost too cute to eat.

  19. Candy Box Picture Frame
    Here's a craft that actually encourages children to eat all the chocolate. Use an empty heart-shaped candy box to make an adorable frame.

  20. Yarn Hearts Window Art
    Make the whole neighborhood jealous with these simple yet beautiful yarn window decorations. Let your child pick out many different colors, besides red and pink, for a truly colorful holiday.

  21. Delightful Doily Banner
    Celebrate the holiday and your child's creativity with this banner made from doilies and artwork. For the art, try having your child draw pictures of all the people he or she loves -- aka YOU!

  22. Doily Butterflies
    A perfect project for any girly-girl. Make these beautiful butterflies out of clothespins, doilies and a touch of paint. Then, let the butterflies soar by clipping the clothespins onto string and pinning them up in your daughter's room.

  23. Valentine's Day Can-dle HolderValentine's Day candle holder
    This is one decoration that we don't plan on putting away after Valentine's Day. Place a small tea-light or electric candle in it to keep your house glowing throughout the long winter months.

  24. Paper Plates & Puffy Hearts Wreath
    Looking for a sweet craft that is great for young kids? Toddlers will love making this simple wreath and you'll love hanging it around the house.

  25. Valentine Wristlets
    These felt bracelets make for an exciting activity at a Valentine's Day-themed party.

  26. Felt Fortune Cookies
    You can make tons of these in a matter of minutes, so spend time with the kids coming up with cute sayings to hide inside.

  27. Plush Heart Pillows
    Spice up that sofa with these inexpensive DIY throw pillows (make 2 for only $5).

  28. Love {Yarn} LettersValentine's Day yarn letters
    We LOVE these yarn letters for any time of year. Place them on your mantel for a bold statement during the holiday or string your child's initials for an awesome bedroom decal.

  29. Homemade Apple Chips
    If you worry about your kids eating too many sweets this holiday, fear not. Homemade and healthy heart apple chips make the BEST alternative.

  30. Shake and Paint Hearts
    This is the best craft for the energetic toddler. Seal up an old pizza box with some paper, paint and washable toys, and watch them shake their stuff. Oh and it's even more fun if you dance along.

  31. Ball and Cup Love Bug
    Unlike the chocolate-covered strawberries, these love bugs are not very appetizing. But they are perfect for a puppet show and other indoor activities that will keep kids occupied all afternoon!

  32. Flowerpot Photo Holder
    Hey dads and babysitters, we'll let you in on our little secret: this is a wonderful V-day gift for moms! Have the kids work together to make this festive flowerpot and then find a cute picture of each of them to use.

  33. Painted Heart Bagpainted heart bag
    Who knew a plain white tote bag could become so special in just a few steps? This craft is great for older kids and makes a perfect gift idea too.

  34. Cupid's Arrow
    Embrace your inner creativity and spend quality time with the kids this Valentine's Day with this project. Maybe you'll even be inspired to make one for your own special valentine.

  35. Polka Dot Heart Top
    This is a great and wearable craft idea for kids. When you're done, take pictures of the girls in their new shirts or dresses and send them in their Valentine's Day cards to grandma.

  36. Sandy (or Snowy) Valentine
    If you're lucky enough to be near a warm beach this Valentine's Day, let the kids write relatives' names inside a heart in the sand (you can write in fresh snow too!). Take a picture and send it to those special ones you can't be with this holiday.

  37. Unraveling Love Letter
    We love this simple Valentine's Day scroll. Nannies: it would be especially sweet for kids to stamp messages for their parents and hide them away until V-day. Once unraveled, they make a pretty wall hanging too.

  38. Valentine's Day Votivevalentine's day votive
    We love this hands-on craft for kids that can double as a festive night-light.


  39. Wooden Conversation Hearts
    Have each kid write their name on a separate wooden heart and paint it using their favorite color for this adorable decoration for any time of year. Added bonus: use extra paint to make thumbprint hearts on each one.

  40. Valentine's Day Tree Centerpiece
    Find a branch in the backyard for this Valentine's Day centerpiece. Then have kids write sweet nothings on each heart to hang on the tree. This could easily become a family tradition for years to come.

  41. Paper Rose Wreath
    This DIY wreath looks professionally done, yet it is so effortless. You'll find yourself hanging them on every door of the house.


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Kristen M.
Kristen M.
It's refreshing to see some ideas for Valentine's Day that don't center around sweets. I am looking forward to making the fruit pops!
December 30, 2014 at 9:21 AM

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