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Welcome to the West Jordan Kindercare. You have taken the first step to getting to know what our experienced and passionate team of teachers have to offer you and your child. Whether your child has first words or first grade on the horizon, we’re excited to show you how everything in our school is designed for learning!

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Susan E says:
I read the other reviews. Yes, the turn over rate has been high at this center. When we drop our kids off it can be a different person each day (we only take our kids twice a week). That has been hard. They combine classes during drop off and pick up times as kids come and go. They won't always be with their main teacher by the time I pick them up. Most of the time when there is an injury I have to sign a form saying they told me. There have been very few instances where one of them came home with a bump or a cut without them telling me. My kids get hurt all the time at home under my care and I have no idea how or when. Kids run into things. There have been a few staff members who have been there the full 3 years we have been going and my kids love them best. They are getting a more steady set of staff members. The only new faces I have seen have been substitutes while the regular teachers are out. My biggest complaint is it is a big company and they have very strict rules about pay. They expect full pay unless your child is gone the whole week. They even charge for holidays that they are closed. That is the company policy, but the staff there has been very good about letting my kids come on other days to make up the time I already paid for. (that helps give me a free day of no kids when I have a day off) There are pluses and minuses, but overall I have been happy with the care given to my kids. They are always excited to tell me about what they did that day. My favorite part is when they take pictures of my kids doing an art project and they give me the art project with the picture of them making it. I have proudly hung those in my home.
Posted: Aug 22, 2013 at 11:46 AM
Niomi D says:
I had my son there for several months albeit a few years ago, but certainly an experience I will never forget. My son was in the infant room and transitioned to the toddler room. When he got into the toddler room, this is where things went south. My son was constantly getting bit by other kids. I absolutely understand that as toddlers, that is what they do. The occurrences however were excessive and I brought it up with the directors and they kept assuring me that they do take action against repetitive biters. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt and kept my son there having faith and trust that they were taking care of it. I brought it up once again to the assistance director and she told me "what would you like for me to do?" after I complained about all the biting again. I am sure they were tired of my complaining about it. I responded to remind her that it was her job to figure out how to resolve it. The final kicker came when I picked up my son who had a golf ball size bump on his forehead. I asked the caretakers what happened and they didn't even notice. Their faces were pure shock, they had no idea how he got the bump. I immediately pulled my son out and called the regional director who called me back once and then I was not able to get ahold of him. They were unphased by what happened from the teacher level, to the director level, to the regional director level. I have never been back.
Posted: Apr 03, 2013 at 11:23 AM
Shannan R says:
I have worked at KInder Care and quit after 3 months. Even if the employees are wonderful, no one actually stays committed to the curriculum set for each class each day. Children are also not allowed to be given consequences unless the consequence is given to the entire class. On the other hand, children who are following directions and doing good things are not allowed to be rewarded unless the whole class is rewarded. This way of standards only leads to chaos. Good behaviors should always be allowed to be rewarded and to single that child out as doing something good so the standard can be set and children can learn through positive enforcement and see exactly what it is they need to do to also be rewarded.
I loved the people I worked with, but I will never send my child to any Kinder Care.
Posted: Jan 06, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Jtleafty says:
My daughter was in this location for all of about 1 month before I pulled her out. She had attended other centers for most of her life and loved it. She hated this one from the beginning. The teacher turnover rate is very high and they all seem very unhappy, which of course rubs off on the children. The rooms for each age are not seperated except for pony walls and it's very loud and crowded. It was dirty and the final straw was one day my daughter came home with a dirty diaper that had obviously not been changed for hours! I will NEVER put any of my children back there.
Posted: Feb 08, 2012 at 01:43 PM
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