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Looking For An Experienced College Level Biology And Ch...
I am looking for a biology and chemistry tutor 1-2 times a week. College level Biology 1 and 2. Also Chemistry 2 and ochem 1. If you can only do one subject, that is fine. Reviewing material I had studied before. 1-1.5 hours each time for each subject. Pay depend... more
Full Time
MCAT Tutor Needed
I need a private tutor for MCAT prep. I am taking the test in April of this year, and have already taken the review course. While the course helped immensely, it was not enough to knock off all the rust in physics for me, and go over the subjects on a more detailed... more
English Tutor
My name is Chang-in. I am 28 years old and I'm from South Korea. I came to United States came seven months ago. I need help in studying English. I need to focus in studying grammar and conversation skills. Around 2 hours a session. I do not have a car, so the... more
Part Time
Summer Aide for 12 Year Old With Autism
I am looking to hire someone to take my 12-year-old son with high functioning autism to his summer program at a school. He has been going to their program since kindergarten and is very familiar with their program. He is mainstreamed during the year in a typical... more
Full Time
Finding Kind And Passionate English Tutor
I have a tough time in communicating in English and need a tutor.
Full Time
Math, Science, Language, Music, And Sports Tutors Neede...
Take Lessons is looking for candidates to fill the roles of Math Tutor, Science Tutor, Chemistry Tutor, Algebra Tutor, Biology Tutor, Computer Science Tutor, Music Teacher, Spanish Tutor, French Tutor, ESL Instructor, Accent Reduction Coach, Dance Teacher, Acting... more
Part Time
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