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Housekeeper 1912 Morris Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145

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My housekeeping experience is great, I clean kitchens, bathrooms, rugs, I do it all and take my job very serious. I like to be clean so I make sure that my job is done right. I've been involved with h... More
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Philadelphia, PA
Part-Time/Full-Time Housekeeper
I have been cleaning several homes for the last 9 years. I enjoy cleaning, cooking and am very detail oriented.
Philadelphia, PA
Part Time Nanny/House Sitter
I am currently a therapist at a foster care agency in the city and do work full time but I am looking for an opportunity...
Philadelphia, PA
Part-Time Cleaner
I've done housekeeping in my previous years as a home health aide in taking care of patients. I passionately believe...
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