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December 02, 2016
“ is and always has been the best site ever!”
-Jodi from Miami Beach, FL

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December 27, 2016
“I've been on for many years, it is an excellent company. ”
-Kaye from Laurel, MD
December 20, 2016
“ is a great resource whether you are a college student, senior, or returning to the work force.”
-Christine from Gen Mills, PA
December 18, 2016
“The website can be tricky to navigate - especially when looking for part-time positions.”
-Stacey from Cambridge, MA
December 17, 2016
“I have met some terrific families from your website.”
-Angela from Philadelphia, PA
December 16, 2016
“The people applying to my listing were not reading the listing, they were not good matches at all.”
-Michele from Staten Island, NY
December 10, 2016
“This site has given me wonderful experience and jobs and I've met so many wonderful families. I definitely would reccomend it to others!”
-Brianna from Manchester, NH
December 09, 2016
“I've had great success over the years getting employment through”
-Emily from Magnolia, TX
December 04, 2016
“Sometimes candidates' information is not up to date.”
-Shalini from Reading, PA
December 04, 2016
“While I have received several potential applicants, no one has contacted me. ”
-Kitty from Glen Burnie, MD
November 29, 2016
“This is a great service. It is easy to use and I found a babysitter very quickly.”
-Vanessa from Middle Island, NY
November 24, 2016
“I found a sitter that we love!! Thank you so much and I will be using in the future when I need a sitter.”
-Allison from Lusby, MD
November 21, 2016
“I was never hired through I am a business, I am insured and bonded. I have great reviews. I have applied to over 30 jobs in the past 3 months and have not received 1 job. ”
-Deb from Algonac, MI
November 18, 2016
“I haven't got any responses back to the jobs I applied for so I am not sure what to think.”
-Michele from Columbus, OH
November 17, 2016
“A lot of the jobs are taken already or old ads.”
-Michelle from Tuckahoe, NY
November 16, 2016
“I have hired very qualified caretakers to help with my elderly husband, and I have already recommended to friends.”
-Ellen from Westerly, RI
November 08, 2016
“I would recommend to anyone because you are a great help to me! And I love!”
-Dawn from Grandview, MO
November 05, 2016
“I have had nothing but a positive outcome and experience through this site and the entire process. You go!!”
-Lisa from Hilo, HI
November 02, 2016
“Many people you try to contact never respond back and you have no idea if they are still active.”
-Richelle from Hammonton, NJ
November 02, 2016
“ has really helped me a lot. I found a great sitter who I will use again.”
-Carla from Alexandria, VA
October 31, 2016
“I have had great success utilizing to find jobs and I like the set up.”
-Maria from San Antonio, TX
October 30, 2016
“It took a really long time for me to get my first job through”
-Donna from Longwood, FL
October 29, 2016
“ has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! They are helpful, concerned and one of the best sites out there to help you if you are a care provider...or just someone who is looking for a care provider.”
-Marilyn from Windsor, VT
October 27, 2016
“I enjoyed searching for employment on your site. It makes me feel better knowing that the members of your site have been checked out for approval to use the site.”
-Jen from Woodland Park, CO
October 16, 2016
“I never had any prospects in the short time I was on the site and there were no answers to any of my applications. This was disappointing to me.”
-Donna from Bradenton, FL
October 16, 2016
“ has helped me become a nanny to two wonderful families. I doubt we'd have found each other without it.”
-Fancie from Kingsport, TN
October 14, 2016
“ has made choosing a caregiver for my baby so much easier! And it has given me peace of mind with finding the best caregiver.”
-Tara from Kansas City, KS
October 11, 2016
“I had very poor experiences with the people I interviewed via”
-Dominica from Glen Allen, VA
October 07, 2016
“We found a number of great caregivers through The process is very easy. We have recommended to friends and they are equally satisfied.”
-Anne from Bronx, NY
October 01, 2016
“The concept of is excellent. However, the execution leaves much to be desired. ”
-Cristine from Daly City, CA
September 29, 2016
“I've been with Care for years and have found wonderful families to help long-term. I love!!”
-Laura from Cary, NC
September 27, 2016
“This website is very hard to use and navigate.”
-Jamie from Lake City, FL
September 26, 2016
“ has been so useful and helps me connect me with families and the schedule I am looking for.”
-Mavin from Huntington Beach, CA
September 20, 2016
“Every sitter I reached out to was not available. The information in their profile was not updated.”
-Sandra from Princeton Function, NJ
September 19, 2016
“I have had wonderful success using and now have a rotation of sitters from your site who have all been wonderful with my kids.”
-Holly from Fishers, IN
September 14, 2016
“I found an awesome family through this site, but it takes a lot of time and searching to get one response.”
-Emily from San Jose, CA
September 13, 2016
“I found a wonderful caregiver for my children in less than a week with your site.”
-Jennifer from North Branch, MN
September 09, 2016
“I'm getting applicants that don't suit my needs and I am not finding people available who might suit my needs. It is frustrating when my time gets wasted.”
-Ilyse from Bethesda, MD
September 07, 2016
“ is a very safe way to find help when needed. does all of the hard work for you.”
-Nacole from Phillipsburg, NJ
September 03, 2016
“I found great sitters through It was nice to have their resumes online with all their experience listed, etc. It made the decision process a lot easier and quicker.”
-Sarah from Round Rock, TX
August 31, 2016
“ is easy to use and the customer service is very helpful. I have found 3 jobs through”
-Ashley from Birdsboro, PA
August 24, 2016
“I thought your website was a bit confusing as far as what's free and what's not. Also it looks like if you don't spend money you don't really have a chance.”
-Cindy from Princeton, MN
August 24, 2016
“The people you have listed are mainly not available and the ones you sent me do not fit my needs.”
-Asa from Okemos, MI
August 22, 2016
“ really works. It made my life very happy!”
-Maria from York, SC
August 20, 2016
“ is the best site I've found for finding employment in child care! I would definitely recommend it for finding a wide variety of work hours that could fit your schedule.”
-Emily from Fairfax, VA
August 16, 2016
“The mobile site vs the desktop site vs the app have different capabilities and it's confusing. It's also impossible to do certain actions that should be obviously integrated into the site.”
-Micayla from Mount Herman, CA
August 12, 2016
“I have been a member since 2012. The services and the website are getting better every year. I am very glad that I am a member of”
-Shanshan from Yonkers, NY
August 08, 2016
“I am pleased with and its service, but disappointed at the quality of my interactions with job-applicants.”
-Raven from Richmond, VA
August 05, 2016
“I have been a member of for many years. I highly recommend this company!!!!”
-Kathleen from Leominster, MA
August 03, 2016
“ was very easy to use, especially with the app. I was very pleased with the applicants we received and we love our nanny! If we ever need a nanny or care in the future we will be sure to use and have recommended it to our friends.”
-Megan from Santee, CA
July 27, 2016
“The website is very easy to use. I found someone within two days and she is great.”
-Ashley from Palm Harbor, FL
July 26, 2016
“You'll definitely find someone who meets your needs, but you will have to pay to find someone.”
-Jacob from San Dego, CA
July 22, 2016
“It was such a fast and easy way to find a job that is compatible with what I want.”
-Stacy from Smyrna, GA
July 19, 2016
“All my jobs so far were very satisfying and just as it's name definitely cares!”
-Sandra from Rego Park, NY
July 18, 2016
“Over the last year I've had some really poor luck with the people who have applied from”
-Heather from Kalamazoo, MI
July 14, 2016
“It is the best place to find any job you need. It is easy and quick. I recommend it to all of my friends. Thank so much!”
-Maria from Lorton, VA
July 10, 2016
“I have been most impressed with with the providers I have used. Thank you so much! You have been real lifesavers for me!!!”
-Rebecca from Spring Valley, NY
July 09, 2016
“I applied to 12+ jobs and your members never answered.”
-Donna from Atlanta, GA
July 05, 2016
“The membership seems a bit overpriced when there's care job sites that are free.”
-Michelle from South San Francisco, CA
July 01, 2016
“I've always had great opportunities with and the people that I've worked with are great!!”
-Dawn from Inverness, FL
June 29, 2016
“A lot of diversity can be found in this site to satisfy the needs you want. Very easy to use too!”
-Perla from Bronx, NY
June 27, 2016
“We found a wonderful nanny & the process was great. We will use the site again.”
-Christine from Columbus, OH
June 23, 2016
“From the response I received it feels like favors the care seekers and not the care providers.”
-Kristin from Wilbraham, MA
June 20, 2016
“The site is very easy to use. I was able to locate several qualified candidates in my area to meet our needs this summer. This is my second time using but years apart. Each experience has been great.”
-Jenine from Morrisville, NC
June 15, 2016
“There were not enough choices in my area.”
-Caroline from Easton, PA
June 10, 2016
“I am happy that there is a website that allows me to become connected with families in need of care!”
-Brooke from Tampa, FL
June 10, 2016
“I have not received any results from my ad.”
-Elizabeth from Jasper, GA
June 06, 2016
“Care provides a great forum to unite caregivers with families needing help.”
-Tanya from Savage, MN
June 03, 2016
“I just love this site! Your responses are quick. I have already told three friends about as it is a great site to help people out.”
-Kristina from Navasota, TX
June 02, 2016
“Website a little too cluttered. And I still can't find the send message box to answer an add.”
-Nan from Winslow, AZ
May 28, 2016
“Found my current job on this website and am having good results while looking for my next.”
-Taylor from Amesbury, MA
May 27, 2016
“Care. com is frustrating because it is not clear as to whether applications are able to be read.”
-Joan from Westerly, RI
May 24, 2016
“I had worked for Previously and had so many families that I enjoyed and worked with. is such a wonderful company to do business with, when you have an issue they have a sense of urgency! Very professional at all times.”
-Teresa from Las Vegas, NV
May 23, 2016
“I don't have many people who would look for a nanny or any other job provided by your site.”
-Rita from New York, NY
May 23, 2016
“I have already recommended the site multiple times& will use again if the job i acquired from your site eventually ends.”
-Jennifer from Dunmore, PA
May 17, 2016
“ has helped me in so many ways in life. Honestly, without them I wouldn't even have a job.”
-Amal from Concord, CA
May 16, 2016
“I hadn't seen any results for my efforts yet”
-Gina from Tacoma, WA
May 10, 2016
“I got my First job with Care.Com and still a member.”
-Henrietta from Houston, TX
May 05, 2016
“ is a widely utilized electronic tool to match quality caregivers with families. The only thing I would tell people is that the best caregivers go fast and it's best to find yours early on in the process!”
-Tracey from Canton, MI
May 03, 2016
“I have been on care and not recieved any offers. I don't like that it seems you have to pay to get noticed on the site.”
-Leigh Ann from Bristol, VA
April 28, 2016
“you've given me the tools to find my own care.”
-Cindy from Bristol, PA
April 26, 2016
“I loved the service! I used it for only 1 month and found an awesome care giver.”
-Amanda from Manteca, CA
April 25, 2016
“The website is not the most user friendly. Difficult to follow at times and confusing due to repetition and duplication of required information.”
-Carol from Dublin, OH
April 22, 2016
“I love I have found wonderful families to work for and I continue to use the site when the little ones start school full time.”
-Lori from Yardley, PA
April 15, 2016
“You do a good job of allowing workers to tailor their preferred work situations (how far you are willing to travel). I really enjoyed that feature.”
-Karen from Aloha, OR
April 11, 2016
“It exposes my company and services Nationwide”
-Mary from Fort Myers, FL
April 09, 2016
“Through I now have a homecare girl who watches my elderly mother. She's always on time, very caring and responsible. She's been working for me almost a year.”
-Bruce from Saddle River, NJ
April 08, 2016
“I have been on line with you for 2 years and never have gotten 5 job”
-Rose from Tobyhanna, PA
April 07, 2016
“Although I wish there was a live chat... All the questions were answered in a timely manner.”
-Jessica from Randolph, VT
April 05, 2016
“So far so good. I haven't been hired by anyone yet but maybe down the road.”
-Michelle from Jamestown, IN
March 23, 2016
“Was a great resource!”
-Karen from Elk River, MN
March 21, 2016
“I have been with for many years i really enjoy this job site. Very helpful with a job”
-Laura from Johnson City, TN
March 20, 2016
“ is an inexpensive way for me to advertise and connect with individuals requiring help in my community.”
-Rebecca from Santa Barbara, CA
March 18, 2016
“you have to pay to contact people you want to hire”
-Alyson from El Dorado Hills, CA
March 17, 2016
“I continue to find work and have a good experience with”
-Lily from Sherman Oaks, CA
March 13, 2016
“Despite the constant changes seems to want to constantly improve things. I do appreciate this...they always want to make things better and or easier for the Providers.”
-Tasha from Cortland, IL
March 10, 2016
“ has been the easiest website to navigate through. Keep up the great work!”
-Janis from Keller, TX
March 09, 2016
“Very difficult to find a job. If one does, it takes months and months.”
-Michele from Greenacres, FL
March 03, 2016
“It's an incredible objective to create a place, thats conducive for people, honestly willing and desire to assist people in areas of every day life, can be seen in a professional light by those who care about making the right choices in life.”
-Genevieve from Mandeville, LA
March 02, 2016
“I didn't use the site, just submitted a reference. The person I was writing for had signed up in 3 different areas and I got different requests for the same thing, but no indication on them that they were actually for different areas - very confusing. ”
-Dorie from Macon, GA
February 26, 2016
“You have helped me find just the right part-time job with the right family that suits both of us. I am very appreciatative of that!”
-Norma from Bartlett, TN
February 25, 2016
“The website is a great format and has produced results for me”
-Bianca from Stamford, CT
February 22, 2016
“I think care is a great tool to find a job”
-Ana Paula from Malden, MA
February 18, 2016
“I am still not sure if all of my information was completed or what the status is period.”
-Sharon from Brookhaven, GA
February 16, 2016
“I've always had great luck with your company. I even moved out of state one year because of a job on”
-Jolene from Carlinville, IL
February 15, 2016
“I'm happy with results but your site is too complicated. Needs to be more intuitive.”
-Leonard from Scottsdale, AZ
February 08, 2016
“It's a good way of connecting job seekers with people that need positions filled.”
-Suzanne from Newtown, CT
February 05, 2016
“ rocks, I love this site!”
-Vanessa from Denver, CO
February 03, 2016
“My only beef with is that your website is not very user friendly. I bug my husband all the time to help me, who is very computer savvy, as I am not, and even he gets very frustrated”
-Margaret from Peotone, IL
February 01, 2016
“Pay ranges should be available to be anything and not just $5 increments. I also think that families being able to offer $10-$20 is nuts.”
-Kelly from Westmont, IL
January 31, 2016
“I had a very good experience finding a nanny on I would definitely recommend to anyone seeking childcare”
-Natasha from Monroe, NY
January 27, 2016
“My company recently added Premium membership as a benefit. I called the 800-number bacause I wanted to link my old (lapsed) account with my new, benefit-sponsored account. The rep helped me so do quickly and painlessly.”
-Alison from Brooklyn, NY
January 21, 2016
“Love it! Have worked jobs thru for 3 years. A trusted name in childcare”
-Sue from Highlands Ranch, CO
January 19, 2016
“ has helped me find a lot of work, however it's disappointing to learn that I have to maintain and pay for two different accounts if I need to find a caregiver now”
-Krystal from Orlando, FL
January 12, 2016
“You guys rock in a major way. Love this company in every way! My perfect, favorite place to job hunt.Thanks a million!!!!”
-Kim from Vista, CA
January 10, 2016
“I love it's a great way to help others with their needs. It makes me happy to know that I have that opportunity with this website. I haven't gotten a job yet but I know soon enough, I'll be the perfect match for someone out there.”
-Yairalee from Fayetteville, NC
January 06, 2016
“There seem to be a lot of hoops to jump through while signing up. I also had problems with the work history portion because the options were limited.”
-Kathy from Canal Winchester, OH
January 06, 2016
“I found my last two clients on”
-Valencia from Chicago, IL
January 04, 2016
“I have worked through for years and had several quality clients.”
-Hilary from Hampton, NH
January 01, 2016
“Very helpful in giving me suggestions. I was looking for a way to let people know that I have been hired and I thought I would have to delete my whole account but found out I don't have to!”
-Lynda from Tigard, OR
December 28, 2015
“ is a helpful site but hard to get a job”
-Marissa from Kendall Park, NJ
December 26, 2015
“I haven't found what im looking for yet but it was a timely maner feedback”
-Nakita from Winston Salem, NC
December 22, 2015
“Very quick and to the point response done in a very courteous manner!!”
-Donna from Bethlehem, PA
December 15, 2015
“My first prospective caregiver stood me up for our interview. The next 2 prospects were extremely slow to respond and would never respond when I tried to set a day/time for a face to face interview.”
-Lisa from Austin, TX
December 11, 2015
“Finally giving feedback after about 5 phone calls. Love the hold callers place in line feature when calling in. Everyone I worked with helped me understand more about the workings of Now my profile is complete! Nice feeling.”
-Louise from Moraga, CA
December 09, 2015
“The phone was answered quickly and the agent was very helpful!”
-Sherril from Tustin, CA
December 08, 2015
“My concern was resolved in a timely manner and the agent was very helpful and efficient”
-Alima from Beltsville, MD
December 04, 2015
“Had a great experience with and have told people about my experience and recommend your website many times.”
-Teri from Lexington, NC
December 03, 2015
“I feel like yiou put the safety of all of your clients first while providing a site for people looking for care and offering care.”
-Deborah from Seattle, WA
December 01, 2015
“I was not successful in obtaining a response from applied listings nor at getting any employment. But I will say that I've known people that have”
-Phimonphan Jem from Orange Beach, AL
November 30, 2015
“I would like to thank the customer service rep that resolved my situation and answered the necessary questions I had. Outstanding service goes a long way!”
-Veronica from Bellmore, NY
November 28, 2015
“My experience with has been unsatisfactory. The mobile app is very different and more more limited than using a computer.”
-Wendy from San Francisco, CA
November 25, 2015
“I wish there was a category for plant and flower care. I know that comes under the "Odd Jobs", but having specific people who have gardening knowledge and backgrounds would be amazing!”
-Kathy from Columbus, GA
November 20, 2015
“Help was readily available when I had questions. The site is comprehensive and easily accessible. Best of all, I got work!”
-Leah from Brewster, MA
November 18, 2015
“Excellent program and service. I have been a member since 2012 and I have recommended your site to many friends!”
-Norma from Cranston, RI
November 17, 2015
“I love there are a lot of jobs to apply to. Unfortunately, some of the families never responded to my applications. I'll keep trying!”
-Fatima from San Rafael, CA
November 15, 2015
“Unfortunately, I personally have not found to be very helpful in my job search. ”
-Patricia from Belle Vernon, PA
November 12, 2015
“Your network is awesome. Your messaging system is phenomenal. The tips on how to get a job are helpful. I really appreciated you guys because I found an awesome job through your network. I worked with this wonderful family that welcomed me as part of their own. Thank you so much Care. com and the staff, you are the best!”
-Elsa from Orlando, FL
November 11, 2015
“You guys rock!”
-Corinn from Clarkston, MI
November 10, 2015
“The website isn't entirely clear and user friendly. However, I am glad I can contact you by phone to clarify everything, thanks!”
-Kathy from Saint Paul, MN
November 08, 2015
“ is a great website, there are some small complicated features, but over all, it is pretty good!”
-Karina from Apple Valley, CA
November 06, 2015
“ is a faster way to get connected to families that need caregivers!”
-Cheyenne from Rochester, NY
November 03, 2015
“ is a great way to get hired by families!”
-Almendra from Irving, TX
November 02, 2015
“I hope # 1 means VERY SATISFIED. Each time I have called, I have a warm and helpful employee answer all questions. Wonderful company and wonderful service!”
-Anne Marie from Macomb, MI
October 31, 2015
“We used to find after school care for our kids. The tools that are built into the site made the search a lot easier. We were able to easily post a job description and find potential candidates. The on-site messaging ensured that our private information was protected and allowed us to disclose only what we wanted when we wanted to progress in the selection process. The entire process was efficient and successful thanks to excellent services and tools provided!”
-Shirl from San Jose, CA
October 30, 2015
“ is an excellent service, it has strengths and weaknesses, like most things, but we have used it with great success on several different occassions to find caregivers. Go!”
-Carla from Los Angeles, CA
October 28, 2015
“I appreciate the access to great candidates and the customer service you offer, but we haven't found most of our long-term people here. I don't know why, but it feels like there are more nannies and fewer qualified child care teachers. That's okay, we still appreciate you!”
-Richa from San Jose, CA
October 26, 2015
“I found the site difficult to navigate and I felt there were not enough caregivers in my area. Unfortunately, I never secured a caregiver from”
-Rob from Hauppauge, NY
October 25, 2015
“ is an awesome business helping caretakers reach potential customers!”
-Gabriela from Tomball, TX
October 22, 2015
“I'm new to the site and was in a time crunch. I had trouble navigating the site the very day I joined and then it took two days for someone to contact me.”
-Nicole from Westchester, PA
October 19, 2015
“I rate a "9" just because I emailed one young lady and got no response. I think if she either can?t or does not want to babysit, then at least respond back so I can move on to another candidate.”
-John from Salisbury, MD
October 15, 2015
“I found a great caregiver in about 36 hours. Hard to beat that!”
-Lauren from Austin, TX
October 12, 2015
“I recommend all the time. Although you have your flaws, you're still the best game in town for finding caregivers without a middle man. ”
-Ken from Washington, DC
October 11, 2015
“I hope a"10" is considered the highest rating because I am extremely satisfied with the service! I was playing with my iPad, typed in math tutor, and came up. I'm not computer savy, but once I figured it out, it was the best answer to my prayers to get help for my grand-daughter. Thank you!”
-Dorothy from Riviera Beach, FL
October 09, 2015
“Excellent program and service. I have been a member since 2012 and I have recommended your site to many people!”
-Norma from Cranston, RI
October 06, 2015
“Received very good customer service. I found it to be a detailed website. Plus, the ability to request background checks at a reasonable cost is an added bonus!”
-Shantel from Allentown, PA
October 03, 2015
“It's a great website, however it has small complicated items, but over all, it is still pretty good.”
-Linda from Bronx, NY
October 02, 2015
“I love, because it's a faster way to get connected to families that need caregivers.”
-Cheyenne from Rochester, NY
September 30, 2015
“I absolutely love the opportunities offered by!”
-Megan from Sarasota, FL
September 29, 2015
“Found great child care and experienced exceptional customer service!”
-Tiffanie from Glenview, IL
September 28, 2015
“ is an easy platform to navigate but I am having trouble finding truly qualified individuals (with previous nanny experience).”
-Andrea from Framingham, MA
September 24, 2015
“I was able to find a great babysitter for my children with!”
-Jenny from Anoka, MN
September 23, 2015
“I personally haven't gotten much work from this site.”
-Mary from Hoosick Falls, NY
September 17, 2015
“I appreciate the service and have found two care givers through!”
-Angela from Minneapolis, MN
September 15, 2015
“I did not receive any responses, but I do like the setup and appreciate what you all are doing. ”
-Dawn from College Park, MD
September 14, 2015
“Every Care member on the team has always been friendly and helpful. My experience with has been positive indeed!”
-Katherine from St. Petersburg, FL
September 13, 2015
“You guys are the BEST!”
-Peggy from Middleton, WI
September 10, 2015
“ is a great and effective site for promoting yourself when looking for a job. I've had very good results and received several jobs!”
-Angie from Canoga Park, CA
September 06, 2015
“Unfortunately, I have not found it to be a successful site to find a job.”
-Patricia from Belle Vernon, PA
September 06, 2015
“Help was readily available when I had questions. The site is comprehensive and easily accessible. Best of all, I got work!”
-Leah from Brewster, MA
September 05, 2015
“Personally, the website isn't entirely clear and user friendly. However, I am glad I can contact you by phone. Your representatives are very helpful.”
-Raine from Saint Paul, MN
September 03, 2015
“One hundred percent a great helpful service. Would highly recommend this to anyone, in fact, I do it all the time!”
-Kathy from Columbus, GA
September 02, 2015
“ is a great way to get hired by families!”
-Almendra from Irving, TX
September 01, 2015
“Your services were very helpful to me and I know you will also help others as well!”
-Gayle from Yardley, PA
August 31, 2015
“I have had very good results. Both times I advertised with I found a job immediately.”
-Tina from River Ridge, LA
August 28, 2015
“The problem I had was resolved quickly, but my overall experience was not ideal. I was disappointed that the caregivers who listed their services were not required to consistently report their experience. Almost none of the posts had enough information to base a decision upon.”
-Eve from Louisville, KY
August 25, 2015
“My interaction with was extremely pleasant, polite, friendly, helpful and courteous. Some of the best customer service I've received in a very long time, from any company.”
-Patrice from Cornelius, NC
August 20, 2015
“Easy to use phone app. Lots of nannies contacted me about the job. Customer service person on the phone helped me to do what I needed. I liked the option to have someone call me back rather than wait on hold.”
-Jessica from Acushnet, MA
August 18, 2015
“The website didn't provide me with enough filters, so 95% of the caregivers that show up on the search end up not being relevant. In order to get 2-3 positive responses I need to send out 50 messages, and then I hit a message limit and don't have any messages left to respond to the caregivers who say they are available.”
-Oren from Sunnyvale, CA
August 17, 2015
“ provides an amazing site for networking and job seeking. I have encountered a few bad clients over the years, but my overall experience has been positive! ”
-Amber from Colorado Springs, CO
August 15, 2015
“I've successfully found 2 caregivers over the years on and have often found myself in the position of having more than one excellent candidate.”
-Janelle from Cedar Grove, NJ
August 13, 2015
“I have always recommended to friends and colleagues to date, but I am having a crazy hard time getting qualified applicants and people to respond to my emails for this latest job posting.”
-Tina from Dallas, TX
August 13, 2015
“Excellent service! I didn't know how to go about finding a cleaning/packing/moving cew in my new area. I found great people and loved working with them. Thank you!”
-Cynthia from Mystic, CT
August 11, 2015
“It's an indispensale service for people, like me, looking for someone to help care for my son with special needs. I do not know what we would do without Thank you.”
-Josh from Binghamton, NY
August 10, 2015
“ provides an invaluable service to both clients and caregivers. Thank you so much!”
-Casey from Aurora, CO
August 06, 2015
“I enjoyed my experience on The website was easy to navigate, and I was able to very quickly find a caregiver for my child. I felt that was secure and focused on safety for both the caregivers as well as the families. I do not feel that was upfront about the renewal process. Customer service was friendly and my money was promptly refunded; however the experience left a bad taste in my mouth.”
-Vanessa from Kent, OH
August 05, 2015
“A lot of people that I contacted through either did not respond to emails or had already found positions.”
-Angela from Roswell, GA
August 05, 2015
“I love just about everything about I get an amazing experience without having to fork over a ton of money. I raised some concerns with the support team regarding changes that had been made to my profile, and I could tell that the person genuinely cared about my experience and gave tips to make it even better. Thanks for being awesome!”
-Darci from Seattle, WA
August 04, 2015
“ has given me the platform to showcase my unique talent, which has helped me to stand on my own two feet? Thank you!”
-Misty from Lake Charles, LA
August 04, 2015
“The list of providers is old and stale. I contacted some people, and they were surprised as they had listed their names a long time ago and had forgotten that they were still listed. Some aren't even looking anymore.”
-Ying from Paoli, PA
August 03, 2015
“Great service, very easy, lots of choices, and I ended up with someone perfect!”
-Patti from Northbrook, IL
August 01, 2015
“You offer a great service, but for my current purpose it was too expensive to upgrade. I did find the person I hired through your service, and she was also the first person to answer my post. She started this week and is terrific!”
-Evan from Neptune, NJ
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