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KTO is the answer to your child care needs for children, ages 2-10 years. We offer security as a fully licensed child care center with the flexibility you need. Once enrolled, you can drop your child ... More
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Caroline says:
I have used Kid's Time Out many times on a drop-in basis over the past 18 months. The center is very clean and the staff have always been very friendly to me. My daughter enjoys going there and will often ask me to take her even when I don't need childcare. Drop-in care in the Baltimore area is very rare and I am so grateful for Kid's Time Out!
Posted: Dec 26, 2013 at 08:10 PM
David A says:
My daughter has gone here for several years for both summer camps and school's out days. She has always enjoyed it and I've always found the staff to be professional. I highly recommend KTO.
Posted: Oct 17, 2013 at 07:49 PM
Anessa H says:
During the 10 minutes I was there (February 20, 2013) to take a look around and pick up the registration forms, a male staff member SCREAMED at the group of school-aged kids (not exaggerating in the least). Though I could tell that he wasn't screaming directly at my 5-year-old and 3-year-old, the building is one big room so they couldn't tell the difference. They were both startled and scared. I have to consider if he was willing to scream in front of a visiting parent, what might be happening when no parents are watching?!
Beyond that, nothing looks remotely clean or in good working order.
Owner response: I appreciate the candid comment. I do agree that we are a one room facility deigned to be a mixed age group center and that does come with many challenges. One of which is that during after school hours it gets very busy and very loud. We do have to raise our voices to be heard on occasion. I would guess this was one of those times. We run the center the same way whether parents are present or not. We will not allow misbehavior, just because a parent is present. As for the comment regarding the cleanliness, the center is thoroughly cleaned daily, all toys and equipment are in working order, sanitized and inspected daily.
Posted: Feb 26, 2013 at 05:04 PM
Wen X says:
This is the worst child care services I've ever encountered. I was only looking for a temporary child care place when my sitter is not available so didn't really expect much. However I was shocked by how their staff treated me. When I went up there picking my son up, he was in tears. I didn't feel great but didn't think it's a big deal either. The lady who was in charge tried to convince me that he didn't cry before I saw him and I said that's fine. While I was getting ready to pay, I was just trying to have some conversation by asking if he played with someone and said that maybe he just didn't have lots of fun there. She's suddenly lost control and started yelling at me saying that he didn't cry before I showed up and why I wouldn't believe her.... From the very beginning she wasn't in a friendly mood but towards the end she became very rude and it definitely sounded like my comment that "he didn't have much fun" really pissed her off and she couldn't help but scream at me. She apologized in the end but I'd never send my children to KTO again and would advise my friends not to repeat it. This also makes me appreciate my son's school more for their caring and nurturing teachers.
Owner response: I do remember this visit. I will say that I was upset by the encounter, as well. I understand that we are providing a service, but I do believe that, as professionals we should be treated with respect. When this parent picked up, the children started crying immediately. He had cried at drop off, then calmed down and played with the teacher and the toys. Then when Mom came to pick up, he immediately started crying again. I have seen behavior like that many times in my 14 years in child care. Mom was worried that he cried the whole time. I was trying to tell her what activities her son engaged in, but she kept cutting off my comments and did not listen to any thing I was telling her. This parent did not say anything was fine or okay. She just kept saying he didn't have fun or other similar comments not hearing anything I was telling her. She is right, I got frustrated and became very curt once I realized she would not actually listen to what I was saying. However I disagree that I screamed at her. We work very hard to care for each individual child's needs and to be honest, open and helpful with the parents. When the parents are not receptive, it makes our jobs that much harder. KTO strives to provide a family environment for both the child and the parent. Just like parents in the home, parents and care givers, even occasional/temporary ones, must work as a team. By working together we can give each child what they need. While you cannot build that great relationship in one visit, you certainly can set the foundation for it. This time, unfortunately, the foundation never had time to form.
Posted: Sep 04, 2012 at 06:40 PM

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