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Mount Aloysius College

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Mount Aloysius College

Child Care Provider

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) currently obtaining my degree as a Registered Nurse (RN). I hold a current CPR certification as well a... More
Child Care Provider

I have babysat many children of all ages in the last 6-8 years. I can help them do homework, feed them, play games with them, put them to be... More
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Pet Care Provider

I have 2 dogs and a cat. I bath them, feed them, brush them, walk them. I love taking care of pets.

I love to clean. I'm a neat freak. I think a clean home is a happy home. I will scrub floors, dust, wash dishes, put dishes away, do laundry... More
Child Care Provider

I am married, with a 15-month-old child. I love being with my child during the day and getting to play games and teach her new things, so I ... More
Child Care Provider

I have babysat kids of all ages, from baby up to 15 years of age. I do and help with whatever they want to do and play games with them. I lo... More
Child Care Provider

I am a positive, super friendly, and outgoing person. I am certified in surgical technology along with first aid and basic life support. I h... More
Child Care Provider

I have babysat kids since I was 16 years old ages ranging from 3-12. I am very crafty and artistic with a lot of craft experience. I enjoy t... More
Child Care Provider

I have several years of experience working with children. I worked at a preschool for my first undergrad degree and am currently going for m... More
Child Care Provider

I have taken multiple child care courses since grade 7. In High School, I worked in our daycare throughout my classes. I have learned how to... More
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Mount Aloysius College

Posted in Housekeeping Job on 12/17/2014
Need help with cleaning and laundry through the week. I have 2 young ones and work from home. Just can't seem to keep up! We can discuss det... More
Posted in Housekeeping Job on 12/14/2014
Experienced and reliable housekeeping is needed for our home. We are looking for weekly/biweekly cleaning to include sweeping, mopping and v... More
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Posted in Child Care Job on 12/12/2014
I have one child who is and 8-month-old little boy. I'm looking for a caregiver for 3 days a week for 5-6 hours. I'm looking to pay 15-20 a ... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 12/06/2014
I'm looking for an amazing babysitter for 2 children for after school care during the week. You must be reliable, and on time since I will d... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 12/03/2014
I'm looking for a nanny for my two children. I currently have a 6-year-old son and am expecting another son in April. Hours needed will be M... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 12/01/2014
We need a babysitter for our 1 child in Ebensburg. And we're looking now!
Posted in Child Care Job on 11/30/2014
I'm looking for a great babysitter for 3 children. Please be comfortable with pets. Some help preparing meals would be ideal. A car is not p... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 11/21/2014
Looking for someone local to babysit my 6 month old daughter in our home. Pay is less than advertised. Hours are M-F, 7:15 to 4:30. Special ... More
Posted in Housekeeping Job on 09/10/2013
I am looking for a reliable and trustworthy person to clean my house every Monday from 9 to 3 and who likes dogs little shih tzus. General h... More