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Danville Community College

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Featured Caregivers affiliated with.
Danville Community College

Danville Community College

OCD and then some about all I can say. I have run food service business's and to say the least, mine were always very high on the clean scal... More
Danville Community College
Errands & Odd Jobs Provider

43-year-old and just decided to start a new career in Real Estate. Looking for work while attending classes as I resigned from all jobs in o... More
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Danville Community College
Senior Care Provider

I Have been A CNA for five Years and is current is school for LPN. I Have a lot of patients very easy going. Works in the nursing home.
Danville Community College
Child Care Provider

I absolutely love kids! My grandma has been running a daycare out of our home for several years now and I love going downstairs to help out ... More
Danville Community College
Special Needs Provider

I have helped to take care of my step-brother who has high-functioning retardation. He is very smart but in his 30's still acted like he was... More
Danville Community College
Senior Care Provider

I took care of my elderly grandmother for about 5 years, until she passed away in August of 2013.
Danville Community College
Child Care Provider

I have babysat for children between the ages of 1-12. I enjoy reading.
Danville Community College
Pet Care Provider

I had a cat for years until he passed away, plus now I have a German Shepherd/Collie Mix.
Danville Community College
Child Care Provider

I am an active duty airmen that works at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Facility. I have experience baby-sitting my co-worker's... More
Danville Community College
Child Care Provider

I have worked with children all my teen years and as I became older. Babysitting and worked in children's church. I worked in a Dialysis cen... More
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Danville Community College

Posted in Tutoring Job on 07/04/2015
We need a tutor for my 11 yo stepson. We recently learned his is about 2 grade levels behind, and we are trying to get him caught up as much... More
Posted in Housekeeping Job on 06/30/2015
Searching for a great house cleaner.
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Posted in Pet Care Job on 06/19/2015
Seeking a sitter near Danville for 1 dog.
Posted in Senior Care Job on 06/16/2015
I'm looking for respite care for my mother in her 80s.
Posted in Child Care Job on 06/10/2015
I will be in need of a nanny mid-August. My current nanny is going away to graduate school. :-( For 9 years, I was a stay-at-home-mom who ... More