How to Stop Feeling Mom Guilt

4 tips to let yourself off the hook as part of the Interview Series.

stressed out mom

Everything in moderation: this simple motto works for just about any little indulgence. And believe it or not, it also works for letting yourself off the hook as a mom. We can't do it all, and the self-imposed (or sometimes social-media-imposed) expectation that we can just makes the mommy guilt mill churn faster. We asked some of our favorite bloggers how they deal with balancing work, fun and family while trying not to feel guilty on a daily basis.

  1. Give yourself a break!
    "We are not parenting machines who can churn out endless love, patience and teaching day in and day out. We all need breaks, in varying amounts and forms. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!" -- Susan Wenner Jackson, Working Moms Vs. Guilt

    Read Susan's advice for blocking out mommy peer pressure

  2. Enjoy today.
    "I see parents feeling pressured to give their kids experiences. I always try to go back in time and access childhood -- I don't remember many of the trips we took or the toys I had. I remember the tone of my household and the hugs of my parents. That's the part to focus on: making day-to-day feel good." -- Rita Arens, Surrender, Dorothy

    See how finding the right childcare helped Rita through a rough transition back to work

  3. Celebrate the small victories.
    "I think the pressure to do it all, and the fact that it is an impossible goal that ensures failure is what makes mom feel guilty. We need to rewrite our own definitions of success and plan our goals accordingly. We need to celebrate small victories every day and stop comparing ourselves on sites like Facebook and Twitter." -- Ciaran Blumenfield, Momfluential

    See how Ciaran achieves work-life blend as opposed to balance

  4. Remember, it's not a race.
    "For me, cutting myself slack is about adjusting my expectations, asking for help, and not trying to "do it all." Motherhood is a journey, not a race to get it all done. I try to give myself permission to be me, as I know this is the best role model for my son." -- Jessica Peterson, Jes' Delights

    See how Jes' "veg-out" time is a crucial part of her parenting

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