Chores 101 for Your Sitter

How your sitter can get your kids to do chores when you're not home.

boy helping wash dishes

If doing chores is part of your children's day to day routine, don't let them slack just because you're not home to supervise. Let your babysitter know ahead of time what you expect of your children and how she can help them get their jobs done.

  • Write a list of chores, who does them, and how long each chore takes.
  • Outline how your children should be rewarded or punished for finishing a chore or for leaving them incomplete.
  • Talk with your sitter about her role in helping your children do their chores. If your child usually does chores without your help, he should do them without help from the sitter, as well.
  • If you have any tricks to help your child do the chores faster, let the sitter know.
Your kids should understand that the sitter is in charge. Let them know the consequences for not listening to their caregiver. To have a babysitter to help you maintain your children's routine, make sure she knows the rules and what to do if they're broken.


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Comments (1)
Goli P.
Would you please define "light house keeping"? People have different understanding of these chores. Is there some kind of standard your applicants go by or suggestions you many have?
I would appreciate hearing from you on the matter. thank you. Goli
Posted: December 17, 2011 at 11:01 PM
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