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8 Ways to Banish Bullying

Banish bullying from your child's life. Read tips from
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Raising a Kind Kid

People with higher levels of empathy tend to have better grades in school, more friendships and stronger relationships. Here are 8 ways to promote kindness in children - no matter what their age.

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Bullying Signs

Children know that bullying is wrong. That's why it's most often done at school and online. Here are the signs your child is getting bullied - or the actual bully.

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How to Connect with Your Kids

When "I'm fine" is a typical answer, here's how to get tips on talking to your child to make sure she's not a bullying victim.

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Learn more about how to prevent bullying.

8 Websites Every Parent Should Know

Learn how to supervise your child online

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Preschool Bullies

What to do when the tormenting starts so early

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Cyberbullying is Parents' #1 Fear

Good bye "Stranger Danger." Hello "Facebook Friend."

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What to Do When Your Child is the Bully

What to keep in mind—and steps to take—after you learn your child's behavior is hurting others

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Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Bullying in Your Family

Drs. Laurie and Fred Zelinger outline how to spot and discuss bullying with your kids

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Teaching Your Child about Peers with Special Needs

How to answer questions and help kids understand friends with differences

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9 Tips to Raising a Confident Girl

How to talk to your daughter so she knows she's beautiful inside and out—and can stand up to bullies

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Parents of the Bullied Speak Out

Parents of bullied kids say what they wish you'd do after learning your kid is a bully

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