9 Worst Halloween Costumes

Real moms reveal the scary truth about their Halloween costume nightmares as part of the Care.com Interview Series.

Housewife Costume
Halloween is a time for harmless tricks, sugary treats and, of course, costumes. Who doesn't love dressing up for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating with the kids? Some people spend months brainstorming creative ideas, while others slap on a witch hat and call it a night. But not every costume goes as planned.

Whether your outfit was a last resort, your mother's choice or an obscure pick that left everyone asking "what are you supposed to be?" we've all had a costume nightmare.

We asked some of our favorite bloggers to fess up about the worst Halloween costumes they ever wore. And, we must admit, they're pretty scary -- and not in a Halloween monsters-and-spiders kind of way!

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  1. Dead Cow
    Jenny Schoberl, from Holdin' Holden, claims she was a strange little girl. However, when she told us her one dream to take her dead cow costume to the next level was "for the teats on the utter to squirt blood," we knew she wasn't kidding! Thankfully, her parents squashed that idea.

  2. Housewife
    When she was twelve-years-old, Kiss My List blogger Dana Hemelt wore her mother's old bathrobe, fuzzy slippers and hair curlers to complete this look. Reflecting back, she questions, "How was this OK with my mother? If one of my children came up with this idea, I would be outraged. After all, I spend my days in yoga pants and a baseball cap -- I wouldn't be caught dead in curlers."

  3. Tomato
    For Nicole Knepper, of Moms Who Drink and Swear, this tasty fruit sounded like a great costume opportunity. "My grandma used a big lampshade and used stuffing and red fabric. I wore green tights, a leafy necklace and a beanie with a stem." But this costume was better in theory than reality. "When anyone pushed me down, I was like the kid from a Christmas Story -- 'I can't get up!!'"

  4. Pregnant Nun
    Teri Biebel, from Snarkfest, donned a nun's habit and black dress, complete with a pillow stuffed inside to pull off this controversial holy look. "All my friends prayed for me, but none got too close to me that night in case God struck me down."

  5. Baby Spice
    In college, Mom of the Year blogger Meredith Spidel channeled her inner Spice Girl. She confesses that, "wearing that teeny white dress -- I felt hot. Too bad [in] my dreams is the only place I'm ever fitting into that again."

  6. Nurse
    As a kid, Cloudy With a Chance of Wine blogger Dani Ryan was forced into this costume every year by her mother. "She even had my costumes tailor-made once we moved to Asia so they looked more authentic and matched the uniforms at the local hospitals". She might have been miserable at the time, but, years later, Ryan regrets tossing all those costumes in the trash. "They would've looked much better (and shorter!) on me in my early 20s".

  7. Frau Farbissina
    My Life as Lucille blogger Lucy Ball thought she'd be the hit of the party when she decided to imitate Dr. Evil's villainous sidekick from the Austin Powers movies. "It seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, most people didn't have a clue who I was supposed to be. Can you imagine?"

  8. Cat Woman
    Channeling her inner feline, Robyn Welling from Hollow Tree Ventures thought two-inch claws were essential. She quickly regretted this idea after gluing on a set of fake nails for the first time. "I thought I was going insane from the pain of those fake nails crushing my nail beds, and the industrial-strength adhesive ensured I couldn't take them off until I got home (believe me, I tried)."

  9. Skeleton
    Most girls dream of being a princess or a fairy on October 31st; however last-minute shopping made that dream a nightmare for Alexandra Rosas, of Good Day, Regular People. "All that was left for a tall and lanky 8-year-old girl was a skeleton. I had dreams of ice blue acetate and tulle, but instead I had the sheen of pitch black night polyester with a skull and cross bones scratchy mask".

  10. Have any Halloween horror stories of your own? Share your worst costume mishaps below.

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Comments (14)
Senior year of high school, I convinced my friend to go as a Reach toothbrush and the Flip Top Head (if you recall those commercials from the 90's). People understood her costume (the toothbrush) but most thought I was Bart Simpson thanks to the "flip top" head I made with 2 hat boxes covered in this yellowish construction paper. Looking back, I still think it was creative if not especially successful.
Posted: September 19, 2013 at 8:17 AM
My Life As Lucille.com
Thank you for the feature! I would love to do it again!
Posted: September 18, 2013 at 11:26 AM
Photo of Christina L.
Christina L.
I was Forrest Gump in 4th grade...yes, remember Blockbusters promotional items for Bubba Gump shrimp?! Got a beard, tucked my long hair in the Bubba Gump Shrimp hat, rocked a pair of tennies and a box of andes mint chocolates...my mother almost killed me with the imitations of Tom Hands. I swear she gets nightmares just seeing a commercial on tv...
Posted: September 18, 2013 at 1:25 AM
Suburban Snapshots
My mom made me a Playboy Bunny when I was 8. I was still older than Hugh's wives back then.
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 4:35 PM
Thank you for the feature, Care.com, always so much fun to be here!
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 3:17 PM
Brandy Lynn
Hahaha Becky H! My best friend had that costume in grade school. She wore it every year for three years and always won the costume contest :P
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 2:35 PM
My mother wrapped me up in aluminum foil and I went trick or treating as leftovers. :)
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 1:07 PM
Every Halloween, someone always brings up the time my mom made the worst costume ever for my older brother when he was around 6 or 7. He wanted to be a werewolf. Being extremely poor, my mom couldn't afford to buy a costume so she tried to make one. She used brown shoe polish to color cotton balls and glued a whole bunch of them on my brother's face. Unfortunately, it was an unusually warm Halloween. The cotton balls kept falling off and the paint started to run. By the end of the night, my brother looked like a mangy dog instead of a ferocious werewolf...lol.
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 11:01 AM
My husband and I went to a Halloween party as a priest and a pregnant nun. On the way to the party we had to stop for film for the camera (yes, film. It was a long time ago!) He refused to go into the store with me but I made him! I promised I wouldn't embarrass him further, but of course, I did! The best part is that it wasn't ON Halloween so not everyone that looked at us strangely knew we were in costume. Or maybe they did. Either way, we got many looks that said, "you two are a disgrace to humanity".
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 10:46 AM
The Shitastrophy
There are so many to choose from - Jolly Green Giant (leaves, tights, face paint) / Laundry Basket (towels, suspenders, pain) / but the worst no doubt was when I decided to go as a bag of walnuts. Yup a bag of nuts. Seriously - where the hell was my parents to inform me that a 11 year old girl should not be wearing nuts on her body and a hat with nuts that bounced and hit me in the head all night giving me a massive headache and humiliation that knew no end. Try to beat that one. Impossible.
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 10:40 AM
I dressed in all white one year, from sweatpants stuffed with something around my legs, a sweatshirt with a pillow inside to white face paint. I wanted to be a marshmallow. What the heck was I thinking?? My parents thought it was hysterical.
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 10:40 AM
Melinda H
I was probably 11 or 12 when I had the brilliant idea to dress up as.... drumroll please.... Santa Claus. Big mistake. Instead of trick or treating, I spent the whole evening listening to little kids give me their wish list. No idea why my mom agreed to let me borrow her friends Santa costume. I can only imagine how many crushed little hearts there were that Halloween, because I am sure that I was not jolly about it at all.
Posted: September 17, 2013 at 10:28 AM
Becky H
In middle school I was, not kidding, a shower, yes, a shower. Inflatable on the top where the shower head was with the vinyl water strips, and the whole thing was vinyl, I have NO clue what I was thinking when I chose that costume, and I have no clue why my parents let me get it. Won costume contest at school that year
Posted: September 16, 2013 at 4:54 PM
I love this so much! Completely made my day, ladies!
Posted: September 16, 2013 at 3:48 PM
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