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Hello, my name is Chasidy. I am the mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 9 & 4 and a 2 yr old little boy. I provide full time, part-time and drop in/emergency child care. I am very excited about the o... More
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Anonymous says:
While it has been a while since I have sent my child to this daycare I did just come across this profile and decided to write my review. Chasidy did seem to have a desire to be a good care provider but I found that she fell short of that in many ways. Her rates were fairly low compared to most however her paid vacation and personal days seemed to be often definitely more than that of a normal daycare. She asked on several occasions for early pick-up of the children so as to take her girls to dance or herself to doctor appointments. On some occasions notice was given after my child was dropped off and I needed to find a suitable pick-up option for my child before that very same afternoon. She did offer to allow the children to stay in the house while she was gone and asked that her husband, mother, or I believe sister in law watch the children. I did not find this to be a suitable alternative. I paid her to watch my child not the above strangers. I picked my child up more than once in a very very wet and or soiled diaper (the explanation was always she just woke up from a nap) I walked in on Chasidy sleeping on the couch one morning; I stood over her for some time before she even woke. (What if I weren't a parent but rather someone dangerous?) She did always seem to have more children then I would think allowed for one caregiver. I will be honest I never have checked that number out for myself but she at the very least had too many to handle herself. She had a large dog which I am ok with, however, I did not like the muddy paws, slobber, hair, and on occasion, how do I say this.... dingle berries hanging from the dogs bottom. She watered the dog in a very large bucket (yes bucket not bowl) many mornings I came in to find small toddlers running around downstairs with this bucket in the open while she was upstairs getting her own children ready for school. VERY dangerous in my opinion, probably the straw that broke the camel's back. I quickly found another provider and feel very confident in sending my child there. I even feel confident enough to drop my child off while I run errands (no guilt or fear attached, I could not say that before) I hope this helps those of you out there. I did not actually dislike Chasidy. I felt that for the most part she was kind and cared about my child. She just did not seem equipped to handle so many children. It is hard to leave your child in the care of somebody other than yourself, so when you do, you need to be ABSOLUTELY sure it is a safe environment. If anything feels funny or off your probably right find someone else.
Posted: Mar 20, 2014 at 01:57 PM
Rhonda M says:
We were so lucky when we found Chasity. Chasity has been taking care of our son since he was two months old. She knows a great deal about babies, and it definitely helps since this is my first child. She is doing a wonderful job with my child -- I would highly recommend if your looking for a loving, caring child care provider.
Posted: May 07, 2013 at 07:39 PM
Whitnie says:
Chasidy cared for all there of my children prior to the birth of my fourth child. Due to their varying ages, she provided full-time care as well as summer care for my school age children. My children enjoyed attending childcare at her home, and I felt they were well taken care of. After the birth of my fourth child, I did not return to work which was the only reason we terminated care. I would highly recommend Chasidy as a childcare provider.
Posted: May 03, 2013 at 04:45 PM
Andrea says:
Chasidy is a very loving childcare provider. She takes great pride in the children she cares for. I trust her completely. My husband and I drive 30 mins out of our way just to have our children in her care. Children are a priority and it shows!
Posted: May 02, 2013 at 09:46 PM
Cindy M says:
Chasidy cared for our Daugther for over 18 months - from 3 months old to 22 months. We switched to a public daycare to assist with my Husband's travel schedule as well as my schedule flucuating before or after 6a - 6p.

Chasidy set terms and conditions as well as a contract. I liked this because she was very thorough and everything was in writing - leaving no questions. She offered vacation days and would work with our schedules as needed which helped us many times.

Chasidy truly cared for our Daughter and had compassion for her. If I ever had any concerns about our Daughter she would offer her advice from experiences and helped me feel more confident as a first time parent.

Our Daughter had fun there and I felt confident in her care.
Posted: Apr 22, 2013 at 04:19 PM
Barny J says:
Chasidy has been a wonderful daycare provider for our boys for several years. She has set terms and conditions like any responsible provider would, but she has been very good about working with us as needed. I trust Chasidy completely with my children and always feel good when they are left in her care.

For the review below complaining about illnesses... how in the world can you hold a childcare provider responsible for something like viruses? ANY time your children are around others, they will be spreading viruses and germs back and forth. It's a fact of life and is actually beneficial to build up your child's immune system. Chasidy keeps the environment very clean and sanitary and does all she can with illness policies to prevent kids spreading colds.

Chasidy does fun activities with the children, including projects for holidays. They have a lot of outdoor play time and even some small trips for the kids to enjoy.
Posted: Apr 21, 2013 at 12:08 AM
Mike M says:
My son has been cared for at this daycare for quite some time and I could not be happier with his daycare provider. The caregiver spent time with my wife and I before we signed anything and did an excellent job with explaining the care, the contract and answered any/all questions that we had. I can't see taking him anywhere else that has the same flexibility, reliability and love that comes with this daycare.

As a first time parent and father, I find that I have questions from time to time about my son in general, and also in being a good parent. She really does a fantastic job of paying close attention to any concerns that we have and caring for our little boy. He has a lot of fun and I feel completely comfortable with his care here.
Posted: Apr 18, 2013 at 02:02 PM
Erica M says:
My son has been attending for over a year, since i returned to work when he was 3 months. I know that he is well cared for in a fun and compasstionate atmosphere. The contract and terms are extreamly fair, and reasonable.
Posted: Apr 18, 2013 at 09:37 AM
Anonymous says:
The BASIC needs of my children were met but that's the most positive I can say. The contract terms are horrendous. The first month, we started a week into the month and were charged for the full month. I was told a 2 week notice was required to change contracted days, but was made to wait A MONTH. Now that I've terminated, I've been charged the last two weeks with no refund of my deposit. I have paid HUNDREDS of dollars for services not rendered. There was never any proof of preschool activities taking place (like on the daily sheet or reports from my child) although advertised these are provided. My children who NEVER had any serious illnesses before attending this day care came down with pneumonia and RSV. Low ratio is also advertised but there were frequently way more children on the premises than a licensed day care would be able to have.
Owner response: It is so nice of you to remain anonymous Angie Jacobs. All of this is because a parent did not ask questions before the contract was signed. I specifically explained that since they wanted a monthly contract not a weekly contract that the terms were different. I asked & explained repeatly if you have any questions please ask before you sign the contract. My contract is very simple & straight forward. It is not advertised as preschool activites are done, it is advertised as they are offered based on if child wanted to or not, and time. Most of the children I watch are under 3.She was charged for a full month as she contract for 10 days a month and there were 19 business days left of the month. If there were not 10 days left she would not have been charged for a full month. The last 2 weeks were charged as she gave no 2 week notice. She was refunded her deposit and told the amount to pay. She however did not pay that amount. She choose to pay a different amount. She also paid over 2 weeks late to which I could have charged $10 a day late fee which i did not. I have all the documentation and she wanted something for nothing is what it amounted to. I have never lost a client in almost 5 yrs due to unhappiness except them. Usually my losses were to job losses, moves or child aged out to pre-school or school. The first day her children attend they were sick with ear infections. For kids who only came to my home maybe 6 -8 times a month they were always sick. Not one of the children in my care has had or contracted RSV when her children were sick. Her children had not been in my care in over a week when she brought her infant that monday saying she had just come from the pediatrician's office and was told she had bronchitis. The baby was admitted that night & told the baby had RSV. Dad is a RILEY Children's Hospital ER nurse. Unforunately this comes down to my opinion/against her opinion. She never spoke a word of her concerns to me. I have a excellent track record with parents.
Posted: Feb 16, 2012 at 01:56 PM

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